Science Book of the Year 2022: Award for “Of singing mice and squeaking elephants”

Angela Stoger

Barking, meowing and chirping, roaring, roaring and chirping, trumpeting, neighing and croaking: the vocal concert of animals is as sophisticated as it is diverse. It testifies to their impressive cognitive and emotional abilities, with which they are often far ahead of us humans.

Angela Stöger takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of animal communication. The renowned behavioural researcher and bioacoustician tells us how she was able to prove that giraffes also make sounds, about her encounters with talking elephants and about the amazingly differentiated communication patterns of dolphins.

The more closely we listen, the better we learn to understand our animals. Angela Stöger also explores the question of how they deal with the noise that we humans generate. Let’s use the fascinating findings of bioacoustics to better protect and understand domestic and wild animals!

Brandstätter publishing house

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