Angela Stöger has published in leading journals, has successfully raised third-party funding, has given international lectures and has appeared in numerous documentaries. She was nominated for Scientist of the Year 2021 and is the author of the Science Book of the Year 2022.

30 publications in “peer-review“ journals
e.g. in Nature, Science, Current Biology, The Royal Society of Biology

Third-party funding
Acquisition of 1,617,467 Euros as responsible project leader

Academic Prizes and Awards
Promotion Prize of the City of Vienna for National Education (4,000 Euros)
Focus of Excellence Award of the Faculty of Life Sciences (15,000 Euros)
Elisabeth Lutz Award of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (15,000 Euros)
Bank Austria Recognition Award for Innovative Research (2,500 Euros)
FWF Award for Science Communication (20,000 Euros)
Doc Award of the University of Vienna (1,500 Euros)
Science Book of the Year 2022 (“Of Singing Mice and Squeaking Elephants”) – winner in the category Natural Science Technology (

20 lectures at international conferences, 16 as “invited speaker“
15 popular scientific lectures

More than 100 articles in print and electronic media

Print media a.o.

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • The Independent
  • The Hindu
  • The China Post
  • Arab News
  • Die Zeit


  • ZDF Terra X
  • Reuters MSN News UK
  • ARTE Documentaries
  • Newton ORF
  • Nano 3Sat
  • Animal Planet